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The persecution of the KRM supporters in Badinan
KurdishMedia.com - By Ayoub Barzani
22/05/2009 00:00:00
Since the establishment of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM) list by Dr. Abdulmusawar Barzani and his colleagues, President Massoud has taken a series of illegal measures to curtail the movement.
These measures varied from death threats, expulsion from the region under the control of the KDP, false accusations and mobilizing his cronies to denigrate Dr. ABDULMUSAWAR Barzani. His endemic duality, by now, is well known all over Kurdistan. His last speech in Kurdistan Parliament exposed amply the contradiction between his actions and words. This hypocritical method is transferred to brothers, nephews, uncles and to most members of the imposed ruling group on KDP. His understanding of politics can be summarized in four words: "repeating big smart lies".
The notorious family security apparatus (PARASTIN) continues to harass supporters of the KRM in Badinan. Supporters are asked to denounce the KRM and must go to report to the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) that their names and signatures have been falsified and they want to withdraw their names from the list, and that their names are used without their knowledge. In this way, the KRM list will be accused of having falsified the names, which is illegal and may result in banning the list from participation in the upcoming election. Through this diabolic plot, the KDP leadership aims at destroying totally the KRM.
The KDP feudal authority is the only authority in Badinan. This authority was extended later from Badinan to include Erbil (Hawler) with the help of Saddam Hussein's tanks in 1996. The inhabitants of Badinan are forced to a kind of political slavery, obey orders or face the result. Feudalism is reinforced, inter-marriage ties between Aghas, including mercenary Aghas, is the dominant style of authority all over Badinan, and is directly linked to the KRG President. This kind of corrupt and out dated feudalism is dominating Duhok, Amedi, and Akre etc…
The editor of bi-monthly magazine Lvin, Ahmad Mira for 40 minutes was insulted through a call from PARASTIN agents, because he published an interview with Dr. Abdulmusawar Barzani, dated 15/5/2009.
A supporter of KRM in Badinan called in 20/5/2009 and said that a number of the supporters are threatened by PARASTIN agents, they were told to withdraw their names from the KRM list, and should tell the IHEC that their names are used without their consensus. They are trapped between, their freewill to decide, or face punishment. He asked me to inform the IHEC on the fact, and that they are changing their mind under the direct threats of the KDP authority. He added that it is illegal that IHEC informs KDP of our names.
Yes, in deed; it is illegal. There seems to be something wrong in the electoral process. Also he asked me to be vigilant if the PARASTIN imprisoned KRM members, and make the case known to the outside world to intervene.
To further undermine KRM activities, today in 22/5/2009, PARASTIN agents begun to spread rumors that Dr. Abdulmusawar Barzani has been arrested.
The political atmosphere in Kurdistan shows the dominance of anti-democratic forces. Neither KDP nor PUK leaders are prepared to relinquish their grip on power through free elections. As it is the case with the third world corrupt dictators, they never participate in polls to accept failures. They instead falsify the result and impose their will against the will of their people.
There is a sad but contributing factor to KDP’s efforts to undermine KRM. It is the absence of condemnation by the forces of change against such anti-democratic and illegal actions committed by the KDP leadership. If the opposition forces are not united for Democracy in Kurdistan, then they will be taken back to back or marginalized easily. Today the target is KRM and tomorrow will be the list of Change and then others will follow.