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Signatories of the Kurdistan Reform Movement list are intimidated by KDP
21/05/2009 00:00:00
London (KurdishMedia.com) 21 May 2009: Supporters of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM) list have been called in by the KDP security services, Asayish, one by one to be intimidated and investigated for supporting the list. KurdishMedia.com learnt from the individuals who were intermediated on condition of anonymity fear for their lives. “We were treated like criminals by the Asayish,” one of them told KurdishMedia.com.
The people in the KDP-controlled region, who supported the KRM, which is initiated by Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani, in the last few days have been called in by the security services in the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) for investigation and intimidated for supporting the list. One those who investigated told KurdishMedia.com that their names should have been confidential, “but I ask how it leaked to the KDP security services? The so called The Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) must have provided our names to the KDP security services. If this is the case, the IHEC works on behalf of the KDP security services and the first violation is conducted by them. How could I have any faith in this election!” he added.
Another supporter of the KRM list told KurdishMedia.com, “Asayish agents came to us and instructed us to declare that we have been manipulated by KRM and now we are sorry and we take out your names out of the list. If you don't do that, then you face our measures. You choose,” He elaborated. “The instruction was very clear,” he added.
KurdishMedia.com was told not to reveal their names nor their locations even if it is a big city as the KDP Asyaish will hunt them down.
The law of the elections requires every list to gather 500 signatures to find legitimacy to take part in the election. Now these 500 people who signed for the KRM list are investigated by the KDP security services.
After Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani was threatened by the head of KDP Masoud Barzani, he abandoned the list fearing for their lives and initiated another list in Sulemani region. Now he is in his safe haven in Sulemani.
Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani told KurdishMedia.com from his shelter in Sulemani via telephone, “All the indications suggest that the elections needs a serious and intensive monitory system manned by independent individuals and organisations – preferably international; otherwise, there is no need for any elections, as the KDP and PUK will forge all the votes. If it is left for the KDP and PUK it will not be an election; it will be an insult to democracy.” Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani also told KurdishMedia.com that “We are threatened to death even before the start of the election, just for having a voice.”