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Released candidate of KRM: No one from Elections Commission contacted me
·         KurdishMedia.com
·         01/06/2009 00:00:00
London (KurdishMedia.com) 01 May 2009: A candidate of the Kurdistan Reform Movement was detained by Massoud Barzani’s paramilitaries on 27th May 2009, and released a day after under intensive media and local pressure.
Ali Qadir, the head of Higher Independent Commission for Elections-Kurdistan Region, told Kurdish biweekly Hawlati, last Sunday, that Umed Barzani was detained by the KDP due to family issues. Ali Qadir stated that Umed Barzani’s arrest was not for political reasons. It was for family issues. A complaint was logged against him and he was detained, Ali Qadir elaborated.
KurdishMedia.com contacted Umed Barzani and he confirmed that his arrest was not due to family affairs at all. “I have no family problems,” he added. KurdishMedia.com asked Umed Barzani whether Ali Qadir, from the Higher Independent Commission for Elections, or anyone from his organisation contacted him to investigate his arrest. Umed Barzani replied, “Neither Ali Qadir nor anyone in his office contacted me or investigated my arrest. I am not sure where they received their fabricated information. It was not from myself.”
KurdishMedia.com telephoned Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani, the initiator of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM), on Monday, regarding Mr Umed Izzat Barzani’s arrest. Dr Barzani stated, “I reiterate that Umed Barzani’s arrest was because of that he is a candidate for the KRM list.”
“Umed Barzani was told that if he is not shut his mouth, his tongue will be cut off and […]. He was also threaded to be deported with his family from Barzan region if he is not shut up,” Dr Barzani elaborated.
Do you think that the Higher Independent Commission for Elections has lost its credibility for taking no action against these reported violations, KurdishMedia.com asked Dr Barzani. He replied, “They have and let us not forget that there is no fire without smoke.”
Dr Barzani stated, “Threatening our candidates and advocates in Badinan region, including Barzan, has been going on since we declared our independent list, the Kurdistan Reform Movement. And no one has taken any action against this."