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Three advocates of KRM threaten by KDP Asayish
         02/06/2009 00:00:00
London (KurdishMedia.com) 02 May 2009: Three advocates of Kurdistan Reform Movement list were threatened in Belekayeti region in Kurdistan last week, KurdishMedia.com learnt from its exclusive sources in Kurdistan.
The campaigners were called by the KDP security services Asayish to be threaten and investigated, according to Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani, the initiator of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM), who was contacted by KurdishMedia.com on Monday.
Dr Barzani stated to KurdishMedia.com that the three men were told by Asayish that they support a list that it is the enemies of the president of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, the head of KDP. They were also told, according to Dr Barzani, that “there is only one list in this region and that is the Kurdistani List. No one is allowed to address or campaign for any other lists”. The Kurdistani list is the joined list of PUK and KDP, the two ruling parities.
“I feel that we are in a war, not in an election. The KDP has put all the public resources of the Kurdistan Regional Government, including security services and armed forces, in its disposal to undermine independent lists. No election in this way will be free and fair.”
“This is an extremely unfair contest. We have no security services, no media, no prison and all these are funded by the public; yet they all used against us,” Dr Barzani explained.