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Election campaigners fear talking to media for losing their jobs
· KurdishMedia.com
· 07/06/2009 00:00:00
London (KurdishMedia.com) 07 June 2009: Campaigners for other than PUK and KDP lists fear talking to media, under their real names, fear of losing their jobs.
The civil rights of a high number of people have been violated by the two ruling parties, PUK and KDP, in Kurdistan region for supporting or standing as candidates for lists, other than that of PUK-KDP, known as Kurdistani list.
KurdishMedia.com communicated to a number of people in Duhok, Arbil, Balekayety district and other areas of Kurdistan, except for one or two, no one dear to open to media outlasts. The common phrases have been these: “Our family would be at risk. They can be called in by KDP Asayish.”; “I lose my job and I cannot support my family.”; and “I’ll be deported from my hometown and I don’t know what to do.”
The Asayish of KDP, after detaining him for 24 hours, told one candidate of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM) that they would cut his tongue, if he support any other list except that of Kurdistani list. One supporter of KRM in Duhok told KurdishMedia.com that he had been threaten 22 times by KDP Asayish. Six candidates in Arbil and Balakayeti were threaten to be deported by Asyaish with their families. They were told by Asayish, “There is only one list in this region, that is the Kurdistani list. If they support any other lists, they have to leave the area.” None of these people were prepare to give their names to KurdishMedia.com.
KurdishMedia.com attempted to talk to several people in Duhok, six in Arbil and others in areas, whose rights have been violated, none prepared to make a statement to KurdishMedia.com. Most of them stated that even if KurdishMedia.com tells their stories, it must not even mention the district, because Asayish would hunt them down.
So far KurdishMedia.com communicated to several individuals who were the signatories of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM), not candidates, and yet their names leaked to KDP Asayish or security services led by Massoud Barzani’s son. It is not known where Asayish received the lists of signatories.
Dr Abdulmusawar Barzani of KRM, who was contacted by KurdishMedia.com on Saturday, stated, “It is the responsibility of the Higher Independent Commission for Elections-Kurdistan Region to make sure that the integrity of the election is untouched. However, leaking the lists of signatories to the Asayish would seriously undermine the impartiality of the Higher Independent Commission for Elections-Kurdistan Region. Sadly, the PUK and KDP Asyaish rule; we don’t know where to take our grievances. This is everything except a free and a fair campaign for an election.”