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KRM rejects KDP offer for TV campaign broadcast
11/06/2009 00:00:00
London (KurdishMedia.com) 11 May 2009: In a communiqué, which KurdishMedia.com is sent a copy, the Kurdistan Reform Movement stated that they KDP, under the US pressure, offered their list 20 minute a day to broadcast via the KDP-owned channel Newroz. The KDP rejected the offer and made it conditional. The communiqué issued in Arabic language on the 7th June 2009.
The Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM), which is initiated by Dr. Abdulmusawir Barzani, has rejected the 20 minute-a-day TV broadcast offer, according to their communiqué, and made it conditional to the admittance of the KDP of the violation of their rights, including detention and threats of their supporters and candidates.
The communiqué states that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani attempts to have two opposing actions, hoping that one cancels the other.
On one hand, the communiqué states, the KDP uses its security and intelligence apparatus to detain supporters and candidates of the KRM and threaten them, sacks them from their positions, deport them from their hometowns and forces them to withdrew their support for the KRM list. To balance this out in the eyes of public, according to their communiqué, on the other hand, in their media outlets KDP attempts to show their total support for free and fair election.
The KRM sets out the conditions for which they prepare to start taking part in the broadcasting on Newroz TV. These conditions, according to their communiqué, are: the KDP leader must admit and announce their atrocities against KRM supporters; Indict the KDP perpetrators and those who stand behind them; the current leadership should create a peaceful and civil environment in Kurdistan for free and fair election, instead of the current rule-by-fear situation; neutralise the security forces and the paramilitaries; stop threatening language against civil servants, university staff, medical staff and sacking them for taking a position in the election.
The communiqué stated that the main issue is not who rules Kurdistan; it is rather to ensure that the citizens live in prosperity and all their rights are ensured.
The Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM) initiated by Dr Abdulmusawir Barzani, a university lecture at the Sulemani University. The list has 14 candidates.