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We had no choice Barzani-Talabani were chosen from the beginning
By heval hylan
It is obvious that KDP-PUK members only can hear one tune. They are like mice, the piper pipes and they follow. Whilst the democrats are satisfied with the results, because the power of the change did shock dictators and the thieves on one hand and divulged the unselfish contributions of everyday people to make the change and win many sits in the Parliament on the other hand.
We understand that the methods KDP-PUK used were not even fair and truthful, but peoples’ supremacy did drag Barzani and Talabani in the mud.
The election was two-fold in its outcome.
(1)  because the journalism is dead in Kurdistan the news media was so biased and any negative points against Talabani-Barzani were received persona non grata. Barzani-Talabani list got so much free    press that they saved more money to keep in their accounts abroad, and
(2)  the thieves had such a bad reputation from the people (word of mouth)  that too many wanted to put someone else in regardless of what the letter after their name was, as long as it wasn't a B or a T. I believe that the Kurds will respect the Parliament with the new and fresh people’s representatives.
We are also delighted that Barzani and Talabani are finally getting deaf and not hearing what the Kurdish people really need! And soon we will see our people out with the old and in with the new! Even though the damage is already done. Never late for the PUK and KDP wing-nuts get over it and suck it up, they lost so they ought to get over it and start helping the cause, instead of cave in the change.
Well considering the way Barzani-Talabani family members have "smashed" up our beloved Kurdistan, it is kind of hard not to "whack" them a little politically. But right now we should all just try to be better to each other. We shall remind the KDP-PUK followers to prepare themselves, a bigger 'change' is coming and it's coming soon.
What we all looking for to experience is to see the thieves run with their tail between their legs. Dictators have been defeated finally.