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By heval hylan
Great deal works on political persuasion maintain that people are influenced by information that they believe and not by information that they don't. By this scrutiny, false beliefs have no power if they are known to be false. This helps to clarify frequent efforts to change voters' attitudes by exposing them to relevant facts.
But now and again, false beliefs influence some people's attitudes even after they are understood to be false. One therefore has to demonstrate that the effect is present in people's thinking about politics and augmented by party or movement identification.
There are too many definitions of revenge but a quick look at the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English would save you some research time. Though the Machiavelli definition and understanding of revenge:
"And here we must observe that men must either be
 flattered or crushed; for they will revenge themselves
for slight wrongs; whilst for grave ones they cannot.
The injury, therefore, that you do a man should
be such that you need not fear for revenge."
                                                                                                          The Prince, Chapter 3
Easy to understand that some people value revenge because it recognises that pride and reputation are important for getting ahead, and settling scores is an accepted way to maintain that pride. Friction and conflict has been man’s lot for thousands of years.
Through the heavy seas of crises, through the political movements and wars, scandals, betrayers, and corruption the Kurds have been consistently open to change, a new start, a new life style, freedom from tired identities and chafing limits.
The main reasons we individuals did not take actions of change we protecting ourselves from change, even from the hope of change, by our superstitious cynicism. Yet all exploration must be fueled by hope. All we need to say is goodnight to corruptions and fake leaderships, and excepting them to sleep.
When people take revenge it is usually because they are angry and unhappy about how they were treated. I am generalising here. There could be more reasons to it but I believe basically revenge is an act resulting out of anger. Since you did that to me, I am going to do this to you.
It is therefore, necessary to take notice that to use innocent people as a shelter to sweep away the bloody past one had is unethical show. And it is always the case of an eye for an eye when it comes to revenge. This is what our old new politicians are doing. Yet they are not taking responsibility for their acts. They simply say: People ask for change, and they are not alone on it.
I am not trying to change others to think the way I think or believe what I belief. A blated discovery, one that cause considerable anguish, is that no one can persuade another to change. Each of us guards a gate of change that can only be unlocked from the inside. We cannot open the gate of another, either by argument or by hate.
There is no doubt that some old political stars are the main pillars and architects behind the new ‘change’. However, the same leaders were also masters of mass killings, kidnapping, torture, disappearance and all forms of human rights abuse during years of internal conflicts in Kurdistan. It is not so simple to leave all that behind, become a peace hero to escape the international prosecution when the right times come. They simply cannot drop what they no longer want.
Yet the more attached one is to his identity, opinion, reputation or whatever, the more afraid he is to lose it. If they perceive those things were wrongly acted and still their rights taken away, they will take action to regain what they think they had lost. That is called revenge, and this is exactly what they doing. But the root cause of it is still the same. Personal gain and fear of loss. Remember! there are a handful of Kurdish leaders who committed crimes against humanity.
For too long most Kurdish leaders are playing games they did care only about rules they did believe in. There was the art of killing in their lives, and that was painted by numbers.. Life lived as a killer finds it is own way to revenge. Before they represent change voices, they must start with an internal critique of injustice of the management of human recourses and their abuse of political power in which they were on the top of the power pyramid.
The Kurds living in a great awakening which may take place over a generation or more. The awakening of revitalisation as a result from a crisis in leadership. The ways of culture no longer match the beliefs and behavior of the people. Therefore this king of wakening often begins first with disturbance among individuals. It also results in the shift of the whole Kurdish society view of political culture.. This may well ends we lose faith in legitimacy of our norms, the viability of our institutions, and the authority of our leaders. In other words our national penchant for self-questioning and search has founded increasingly inward.
Someone is always trying to summon us back to a dead allegiance: back to the simple minded masked politics of an earlier day by abusing healthy names (List or Change). Back to simple minted patriotism. And now we are being called back to a simple minded ‘reasonableness’ contradicted by personal experiences..
There is an urgent need and intention to explore the dynamic equilibrium that unifies apparently Kurdish values: Original and accidental, traditional and modern. Believe in peoples’ freedom to chart the course of their lives as a boundless adventure. There is also need to clear the ground for broad humanity, the true Kurdistan.
Traditional guides of relating, based on loyalty are askew. Old thought patterns are being broken down. What people in Kurdistan could not see for a time-frame time was that new patterns that is being developed. And what a handful number of Kurdish leaders are doing only using masked revenge avenues to carefully unveil the internal clandestine in order to mingle the patterns of change. To think in a positive way, they caused the meeting of minds, of visions to bring forward just what was needed. Finally, an outline of something much more complex that black and white had begun.