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Arabization of Kerkuk

By Shorsh Haji Resool

The book is based on 80, most important official documents of the Baath
regime, related to the well planned policy of dekurdification and arabization of the Kurdish city Kerkuk. Forcing the native Kurdish inhabitants to move out and bringing arabe settlers into the city and its surroundings. Having read the book, we understand better the complexity of the current crisis over the Kurdish city Kerkuk, which is rich in good quality petrol.

The Kurds and the Iraqi State

By Shorsh Haji Resool

A part from the forced demographic and geographical changes in Kurdistan, as Shorsh Haji Resool highlights in his book (Arabization of Kerkuk), the author of (The Kurds and the Iraqi state) traces and analysis with rigor and great impartiality, the Genocide operation of the Kurds, called officially (Anfal) its background, the Baath ideology and the method adopted to carry out the operation, under the very observation of the international community.
His way of narration and presentation of the whole subject, in both books, is remarkably convincing.

Both books are written in South Kurmanji, Arabic character.
You can order them from:
Kurdish Cultural Center/London.UK
E-mail address is kcclondon@yahoo.co.uk.