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Detention based on false information!

Ayoub Barzani

Two weeks ago, Mr. Soran Nebi, a Kurd from Sulaimani, returned to Geneva from Kurdistan.
Beginning of May 2007, he arrived at Sulaimani International airport via Munich-Germany.

Soran passed few happy weeks with his parents. But on May 19, 2007, around midnight, an armed unit from the (Special Security) raided his home in Bakrejo – a town close to Sulaimani – Soran, his sister and his brother were taken to a prison.

The three were accused of being in contact with an Islamic terrorist group inside Kurdistan and in Iran, The source of the accusation was from a report that the security has received from a source abroad. The interrogators did not mention the identity of the person who send the report!!

From 19 May till 14 June, Mr. Soran his sister and his brother were interrogated several times as terror suspects. “We were not tortured during the detention”, said Mr. Soran when he was back to Geneva.

“We denied all accusations, as they were totally false. We asked the officials to show us all evidences and that we are ready to face witnesses if there were any. But interrogators were short of concrete evidences.”  Mr. Soran added.

A friend of Mr. Soran from Geneva contacted several times the main responsible in Sulaimani, asking Soran’s release. Saying that he knows well Soran , he is an honest and a good Kurd with no harm to anyone.

Mr. Sayfuddin, the head of the Security in Sulaimani, was indeed very concerned, and he did all at his disposal to achieve Soran’s release. He said in a phone call with Geneva, that he will not accept imprisonment of an innocent person even one minute. He managed speeding up the process of interrogation and finally freed Mr. Soran, his sister and his brother in June 14 2007. Also he gave Mr. Soran 1000$ for a ticket to Geneva, with an apology.

A lesson can be learned from this sad event:

The main responsible of the Security should be attentive; above all, they must be sure of the source of the information and act accordingly.

If it proved that the source of information was wrong, then the person who provided the information must be denounced and trailed.

Similar to other oriental communities, there is rivalry, and disputes among Kurds, a person may send false information to the Kurdish Security on pure personal enmity.

There are those who want to manipulate the Kurdish Security through wasting energy in useless matters, so as to create popular discontent.

Here I would like to express my appreciation to Mr. Sayfuddin and others who did their best to free Mr. Soran, his sister and brother.