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Creating an ambience of fear and uncertainty to tighten control over the Kurdish Society

Ayoub Barzani

As a result of a wide scale of repression, corruption and theft in a society, a bitterly disillusioned people with such policy, starts to voice loudly discontent and criticism, then, when it becomes obvious to all that the government has lost credibility, internally and externally. Thus, the authoritarian regime considers popular anger as a real threat to its very existence. To impose its will on the masses, the oppressive regime resorts to different methods to tighten its control on the society. This may express itself through direct use of brutal force, or by what is called "soft power". Soft power includes all tricks of mass manipulation and psychological coerciveness, through government controlled audio-visual and written media.

An authoritarian government, imposes its will by forming a climate of uncertainty, fear and permanent worry among the targeted people, when a person is terrified, he may declare his submission to a powerful man against protection, the same phenomenon functions with a scared society, who seeks the protection of his government when feels menaced by an external or internal threats, this external threat can be real or imaginary, purely invented by the incumbent rulers in order to stay longer in power for personal profit.

What an oppressive rulers want from the people under their authority, is giving up their freedom, dignity and humanity against providing protection from mostly an imaginary threats. Saddam Hussein, Milosevic, Assad of Syria and other fraudulent leaders used external threats to enslave their people while continued to plunder the wealth of the country, it is again the case of the present incompetent rulers in the KRG in Erbil. Suddenly, they discovered that their ex-friend, PM, Al-Maleki is a threat and a dictator! . The deceitful Kurdish rulers have embarked upon declarations, of imminent danger, that the war between Arabs & Kurds may resume, recalling people of Kurdistan the previous atrocities committed by successive governments in Baghdad. The aim is clear, they want to escape accountability, be spared from accusations on thieving, killing, stifling democracy, crippling the Parliament and corrupting the whole society for personal profits.

The Parliamentarian next  elections in may 2009, is close, that's why, the KRG masters invaded by panic and worried for the result of the up coming election, they have already lost all moral credibility at home and abroad, and now may face a crushing defeat in the election in May 2009, if conducted honestly.1? The time of accountability is nearing.  

Those who begged Saddam Hussein to send his army into the Kurdish capital, Erbil in 1996, are not worthy of the nation's trust in Kurdistan, and have ignored that they are part and parcel of the current authority in Baghdad.

So, from now on, they have oriented their controlled media to deceive the people of Kurdistan, the aim is to silence the opposition through alleged imminent external fear from Baghdad. People’s money is used to bribe, corrupt and influence the voters.

The democratic forces, anti corruption elements in our society are asked to take seriously their historical responsibility, and inform the Kurdish people about the current goals of the KDP and PUK controlled media.

After 17 years of arbitrary rule, it is time that the people of Kurdistan devote all available efforts and energy to correct what has gone wrong at home, and not let be deceived by the cunning incompetent leaders who monopolize the KRG.