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Between words and deeds of the KRG President
KurdishMedia.com - By Ayoub Barzani
07/05/2009 00:00:00
On May 5, 2009, the KRG President Mr. Massoud Barzani addressed a speech in the Kurdistan Parliament, announcing the day of election which is July 25, 2009. The election will cover the three governorates, Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok.
First we start with his words, then with his deeds. The gape between both is more than shocking.
Mr. President started his speech: "In The Name of God the Compassionate".
"I proudly announce, with the help of God, we are heading to the election… I ask all lists who are participating in this election to respect political plurality, because this respect will fortify Kurdistan Region. Also I ask people of Kurdistan to participate massively and vote with utmost liberty to elect their lists…. As I am informed, there are around 40 lists registered in the High Electoral Commission. I would like to say that those lists are free to propagate for the election, but at the same time, their propaganda should not be used in a violent way…. The law should be supreme etc…"
Now we go to examine very briefly his deeds and very recent naked violation of what he pretends to be.
The President of the KRG send on April 12, his brother Sidad, to Barzan, and at 9h00pm he met Abdolmoaamin Barzani, told him with no ambiguity that, Dr. Abdolmosawer Barzani should leave immediately the region under the control of KDP leadership, otherwise, if anything happens to him I am –means Mr. Massoud Barzani- carry no responsibility!.
Dr. Abdolmosawer Barzani was in electoral mission in Kurdistan, and was arranging his electoral list. He left the region to avoid useless troubles.
While in Sulaimani, Dr. Abdolmosawer Barzani, got other threats from the KRG President, saying that he should not come back to the region under the KDP control, and that he –KRG President – orderd all basis of the KDP to act against him!
Asayesh, the security of the KDP headed by his son Mr. Masrour Barzani, begun to harass Dr. Abdolmosawer Barzani's family in Duhok.
The Kurdish press has begun to publish widely the threats of the KRG president; the Kurdish people have been informed, as well as the outside world about the sickening event. KRG President begun to feel uncomfortable, after having destroyed the list of Dr. Abdolmosawer Barzani in Badinan, it is time for retreat, ordering his brother Sidad to deny the whole evidences. He did it in the family organ Khebat newspaper, dated 26 April 2009. Then the KRG President begun to mobilize other cronies to deny the evidences in a proxy manner, in Khebat dated 06 May 2009 and 5/5/2009, also in both KDP-sponsored weeklies, Rudaw and Medya. Their articles characterized by propagating the culture of hatred and inducing violence.
This is very unfortunate act coming from the KRG president. The President post requires honesty, altruism and truthfulness. Such naked act erodes all credibility. This bitter fact should be taken into consideration, by the people of Kurdistan and the political forces struggling for change, in the next parliamentarian election.
The author Ayoub Barzani has published a number of books on Kurdish culture and socio-politics of Kurdistan. He is currently completing his third book on the Kurdish Movement (1958-1975). Barzani is an influential Kurdish and international figure who is respected internationally. Barzani is a founding member of the Kurdistan Democratic Alliance.