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KDP leadership continues its endemic policy of manipulation
Source: www.kcdme.com

In a telephone conversation with Dr. Abdolmosawir. S. Barzani, the President of the Kurdistan Reform Movement (KRM), stated yesterday, that, there are lists with nearly no financial assistance to campaign for the parliamentarian election, which is the case of the KRM, The USA has asked the two ruling parties who monopolize nearly all TV channels in Kurdistan and most media outlets, to let few minutes for other lists to propagate their electoral programs.

The KRM President thanked the USA authority for having acted in this direction, "so as other disadvantaged lists can present their programs."

He added. Nevertheless, Mr. Zeradsht who is a member of the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) who is supposed to be neutral did not contact us when the specified date came for our list to present its program in Newroz TV.

Mr. Zerdesht from the (IHEC) answered Dr. A.S. Barzani, when he asked why you did not tell us to come and use the time given to our list. He said, we have been acknowledged through SMS from Abdolsalam Barzani saying, they do not want to come to present their program in Newroz TV.!

So I called Abdolsalam Barzani immediately, he was astonished and denied the allegations and said the news is groundless, he did not send any SMS to (IHEC) to call off the presentation of KRM program.

Then Dr. A. S. Barzani phoned again Zerdesht, why you did not contact me, you have my details. He has no answer but told Barzani, we still have time; you can have another occasion on July 13, 2009. So it is agreed to present the program on July 13, if no other tricks are prepared to re-cancel it.

What the President of the KRM fears is that, despite public declarations by the top KDP rulers, they continue to use tricks, bribes and all sort of manipulation to curb free vote and force people to vote for them.