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Report: At least 162 villages evacuated in Iraqi Kurdistan due to Turkish military operations

The Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT) has released a report detailing Turkey's ongoing military operations in Iraq's north.

July 10, 2024

Bia News Desk

Source: https://bianet.org/haber/report-at-least-162-villages-evacuated-in-iraqi-kurdistan-due-to-turkish-military-operations-297344

The Community Peacemaker Teams (CPT), a US-based human rights organization and conflict observer, has expressed concern over Turkey’s ongoing military operations in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

Some 162 families have been evauctaed so far and a possible escalation of conflicts could displace many more, the group warned in a new report. Turkey has been seeking to expand its military operations in the region targeting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

According to the CPT, the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) initiated a new operation in the Berwari Bala region of Duhok on June 15, conducting military maneuvers in six villages. On June 25, Turkey established a checkpoint between the villages of Kani Bilavê and Babirê. The following day, construction began on new military bases in the villages of Şiva, Kani Tuya, Zirezê, Demka, Bilecan, Korka, and Girê Biya. The Turkish army already has several military bases in northern Iraq, in regions neighboring Turkey’s southeast, which are inhabited by Kurds

The report indicates that at least 162 villages have been evacuated due to these operations, primarily within the borders of the Duhok Governorate, where 238 bombardments have taken place. As a result of the TSK bombardments, more than 20,000 dunams of agricultural land have been burned, particularly in the villages of Guharze, Balave, Barçê, Sergelê, Kanê, and Aşkê Dere in the Amedi region. Furthermore, at least 602 villages are at risk of evacuation.

Villagers from Dergalê Mûsa Begê reported being forced to leave their homes by the TSK on June 27. Residents of Sergelê village expressed fears of displacement on July 4, as approximately 45 armored vehicles of the TSK were stationed near their village amid intensifying clashes between the TSK and the PKK.

The CPT's report also highlights that Turkey has conducted 1,076 attacks in the KRG territories from January to July 2024. These attacks were distributed across the governorates, with 526 in Duhok, 405 in Erbil, 135 in Süleymaniye, and 10 in Ninova. Notably, 93% of these attacks were carried out by warplanes. The operations have resulted in eight civilian deaths and damage to civilian infrastructure, further escalating concerns about the operations.  (VC/VK)