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The Dubious Silence that Metamorphoses History.

Ayoub Barzani

The former Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein, was executed hastily by hanging on Dec. 30, 2006. With his death, an important part of Iraqi history, the Middle East region and of international relations, from 1980 t0 2003 was buried. It meant “execute to bury the truth”.

Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging over the killing of 148 people in the Shia town of Dujail following an assassination attempt on him in 1982. His co-defendants included Barzan al-Tikriti, Saddam Hussein's half-brother and former head of Iraq's intelligence service and Awad Hamed al-Bandar, former Revolutionary Court chief judge, are to be executed soon, according to the Iraqi government sources.

When dirty politics involved in such a manner that, among 12 important dossiers against Saddam Hussein, only one is selected, - the killing of 148 in Dujail – and the rest ignored, no doubt it means that, the trail is curbed to the limits already drawn by the USA and those local elements who were in connivance with the ancient regime.

Among thousands of Barzani widows, not a single Barzani widow was called or allowed to give her testimony on how the Barzanis were kidnapped in 1983, among them are eyewitnesses who recognized Barzan al-Tikriti conducting personally the operation of rounding up the inhabitants of Qoshtepah camp, who were massacred by thousands latter on.

Why this suspicious silence from the main Kurdish responsible?

Though, presently, the Kurdistan Regional Government has a President, there is the Kurdistan Parliament and the Kurdish Government. The Iraqi President is a Kurd. Why they do not move and ask for the details on behalf of thousands of victims?

If Barzan al-Tikriti is hanged, there will be another blow to Kurdish history; it means, that many important details of the Genocide carried out in Kurdistan, are masked, which in turn leads to the death of a significant part of the Kurdish collective historical memory.

Here we are not about revenge, but we insist on knowing facts and realities which have led to the massacres of the Barzani Kurds.

The Jews and the Armenians have taken different path, since they have mature and daring leadership.  One of the elements of national cohesion and moral strength is the way both nations integrated the Genocide into their historical collective memory. The anniversary is celebrated each year to cement it in the mind and soul of the new Jews and Armenian generations. All components of the society, abroad and at home, secular, religious, young and old alike, participate.

Each year, there are hundreds of articles, reportages, films, TV programs and books so as to keep the Holocaust memory, fresh in the universal human mind.

It is a historical mistake, to hang the rest of the culprits without shedding whole light on “official plans” which specified the destruction of the Arab marsh people, the massive deportation of the Kurds, the Arabisation project, Qoshtepa, Anfal and Halabja Genocide.

Who sold the ex-dictator equipment that was used to kill the people? There were American companies in particular, and British companies supplied the ex-dictator with some of the chemicals which made that possible. French and German companies were involved as well.

We are witnessing the assassination of true history. The present trail is an instrument to remove traces of international and local complicity with the ex-Iraqi dictator.

No doubt, the victims, the Kurdish masses, are angry with the manner of the Iraqi Court and with the Kurdish chief’s eccentric silence.!!