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Turkish incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan
Kurdistan Democratic Alliance (KDA) – Press Release
February 23, 2008
Turkey under the pretext of fighting terrorism attempts to divert the international public opinion from its undemocratic rule and denial of the rights of 20 million Kurds in North Kurdistan.  The KDA condemns the Turkish army incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan and protests the failure of the corrupt Kurdish leadership, and hypocritical US and EU to prevent the incursion.
The Turkish incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan indicates to the failure of the Turkish state to adopt a democratic approach in addressing the Kurdish question.  The use of force will further deteriorate the fragile situation and increase inter-ethnic tension throughout Turkey; it will hinder the accession of Turkey to the European Union.  We call upon all intellectuals and democratic forces in Turkey and in the Middle East to urge the Turkish government to choose a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question.  
The unstated approval of the EU and US to the Turkish incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan exposes their hypocrisy as defenders of human rights and pro-democracy in the world. While both the US and EU rightly recognized the independence of Kosovo with 2 million population, 40 million people of Kurdistan remain stateless and deprived of their basic human and birth rights.  The US, EU and Arab states, including Iraq, defend the integrity of Iraq, trivializing the lives of Kurdistani civilians and undermining Kurdish self rule.
This incident pinpoints the total failure of the KRG to effectively confront the challenges facing the Kurdish nation.  The Turkish diplomats successfully lobbied in Washington and EU capitals for support of its incursion into Iraqi Kurdistan, and the KRG limited its actions to empty rhetoric, absent of a successful policy to counteract the Turkish plan. The people of all parts of Kurdistan must unite and show disapproval of the irresponsible stance of the KRG.
Kurdistan Democratic Alliance proposes the following:
We strongly condemn Turkish policy towards the Kurds and demand an immediate withdraw of Turkish troops from Iraqi Kurdistan and an end to bombardment of Kurdish region.
The US and EU must end their military contracts with Turkey.  The very weapon is used for the destruction of Kurdish nation.
The United Nations must take an active rule and send a delegation to assess the Kurdish situation in Turkey and provide a solution.
The Turkish constitution must be amended to officially recognize the Kurdish identity and the geographical region of Kurdistan in Turkey.  
The Kurdish region must be allowed to establish a regional government and parliament.
The international community must assist Kurdish people in Turkey to establish their own bloc in the European Parliament as one of the European ethnic groups.
We demand Turkey to re-build the villages and towns destroyed by its military and compensate the inhabitants.
Kurdistan Democratic Alliance